Sunday, October 25, 2009

Julian Perez Getting Famous

well this is my homie Julian and it's his dream to become a actor...but as you can see his career is getting up there and he's getting known...dude met tracey morgan and Kyle Massey...hes on fire... he also does shows on an actual stage with other actors all over New York.....he's really confident about his career and i believe he will make it because of the passion this dude has....and dude is a comedian he's freakin hilarious.....he's diverse meaning he can do any type of acting from drama to action to comedy to romance to thriller and etc...he's the next will smith for watch out for this dude...his name is Julian Perez....shouts out to you at the top bro...i'll be seeing you at the vma's,red carpet and the grammy's lol

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